The Adventure

Huivulai sunset sky

Huivulai sunset sky

Hey there, i just remembered i had a blog, sorry i’ve been absent for a while, i wanted to share with you this sunset i saw at the Huivulai coast in Sonora, México, i really loved its color, so i thought “maybe someone else should enjoy this as well”
As some of you may know i’m already on a little voyage, learning stuff, seeing stuff and living stuff.
Im learning a little of photography, just starting and i’m aiming to be almost decent soon, i’ll just keep practicing until i’m okay with it haha.
Let me know what you think of the places i can show you, maybe you’ll see them too someday, have a great week start!, let’s get to work!


The Adventure Begins

So, a couple days ago i started a journey, to find myself or to change the world, whatever i may find i think i’ll keep you posted. I just grabbed my backpack and stepped out of home and everything i knew, at the very least to see what someone like me can do for the world, for the people and of course for myself.
The first stop of this “adventure” (as i like to call it) is mazatlan, sinaloa, mexico, as i was asked to help restore an scale model of the pueblo bonito hotel, i thought it was a great way to kickstart my journey.
I’ve been here for two days and i think i’ll show you what i’ve come across to

Feel free to comment about my journey, and tell me about the places you wanna go, maybe i’ll be there someday!