Photo Phriday: the love Beach (one day later)

Love Beach, Photo by Enrico Avila

Love Beach, Photo by Enrico Avila

Sooo… tonight im sharing with you this photo i took yesterday! its from the love beach here in Cabo San Lucas, and a few meters away there’s the divorce beach, so you know, there’s beach for everyone who needs it i guess.

I’m not quite in the mood for writing today so i’ll just leave this here and encourage you to comment on it! what do you think?? have a great weekend!!

The World Alchemist


The Future: Eclipse [Destructoid]

Hey there Bloggies!, soooo i’ve posted an entry on Destructoid’s “Community Assignment”: “The Future of video gaming

If you didn’t knew, destructoid is a pretty big blog about video games, be sure to check it out from time to time just to see what’s coming!.
Every month the guys of Destructoid give their readers a “Community Assignment” [Here some examples], this month’s assignment for artists was about the future of videogames, so i’ll leave here with you my entry! feel free to comment on it!

Eclipse Concept by Enrico Avila A.K.A. World Alchemist

Eclipse Concept by Enrico Avila A.K.A. World Alchemist

The future of Gaming
Inspired by Ernest Cline’s Ready player one, i see us in a sad future, where people no longer want to be right next to each other, a world where all social interaction is made online, a world where economy an politics are rotten (so… pretty much like the actual world we live in).
I see the future of gaming as a “Breather” from a decaying reality, a chance for me to be who i want to be and to do what i always dreamt of doing.
The eclipse concept is a gaming rig designed for that, a single player immersive experience, enhanced by visual projections, motion capture and surround sound.

Be the hero you want to be and let that be the sun behind the eclipse that is a sad reality.

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Finding your inspiration, again

Hey there Bloggies, i’ll tell you some things about me, i love movie and video game worlds, i like to picture myself in them and think about new stories to go on those universes and timelines, that is the very first reason i made this blog, this “World Alchemist” blog.

I decided i would create a habit out of blogging and drawing environments

How am i doing it?
I am using a habit tracking app, called where i keep a list of all things i want to do everyday and a few things i want to do eventually or someday in particular, while at the same time i am levelling up an awesome pixel-art character and buying things for him, this is a sort of habit gamification and a really fun way to track your progress!, i encourage you to check it out!

Why am i doing it?
Because its always a good idea to write about what you like, i mean, the internet is full of people talking about things they like, and it’s awesome!. Do what you can for what you like and maybe people will like it, so if i cause a little bit of inspiration in any of you, i’ve done well, if not yet, i’ll have to try harder than this!

So Bloggies! tell me about worlds you’ve visited: in games, in movies, in dreams or even reality!, if you have a drawing, an illustration or any sort of image i would gladly give my opinion of it!

i’ll leave here for you some motivation!

The Grand Opening!

For all those waiting for this moment to happen (me), i give you this Grand Opening Post of my new Blog, “World Alchemist”, focused on environment, level and world design, appreciation and fangirl-ing.

Feel free to contact me and to comment all the stuff i get up here!

Just for the opening i made this image, this environment concept based on Fate/Stay Night’s Unlimited Blade Works AbilityImage