The Future: Eclipse [Destructoid]

Hey there Bloggies!, soooo i’ve posted an entry on Destructoid’s “Community Assignment”: “The Future of video gaming

If you didn’t knew, destructoid is a pretty big blog about video games, be sure to check it out from time to time just to see what’s coming!.
Every month the guys of Destructoid give their readers a “Community Assignment” [Here some examples], this month’s assignment for artists was about the future of videogames, so i’ll leave here with you my entry! feel free to comment on it!

Eclipse Concept by Enrico Avila A.K.A. World Alchemist

Eclipse Concept by Enrico Avila A.K.A. World Alchemist

The future of Gaming
Inspired by Ernest Cline’s Ready player one, i see us in a sad future, where people no longer want to be right next to each other, a world where all social interaction is made online, a world where economy an politics are rotten (so… pretty much like the actual world we live in).
I see the future of gaming as a “Breather” from a decaying reality, a chance for me to be who i want to be and to do what i always dreamt of doing.
The eclipse concept is a gaming rig designed for that, a single player immersive experience, enhanced by visual projections, motion capture and surround sound.

Be the hero you want to be and let that be the sun behind the eclipse that is a sad reality.

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