Motivational: How to build a fictional world!

Hey there! well a few hours ago i stumbled into this awesome video titled “How to build fictional worlds”, Kate Messner author of “Sugar and ice” and “Eye of the storm” explains to us how does she do it!, i haven’t had the opportunity to read her words, but after this i’m sure i’ll do it.
So i’ll leave you with some of her knowledge!, just click play and enjoy!

So for me, it comes down to this:

“here are some questions and methods i’ve used to help build the worlds my books take place in”

1.- Set up a place in time, past, present or future
2.- Create a timeline of how the world came to be
3.- What rules are in play here? laws of physics, laws of society and punishments for those who break them
4.- What kind of government this place has? who has power and who doesn’t?
5.- What do people believe in here?
6.- What do this society value the most?
7.- What’s the weather like in this world?
8.- Where do the inhabitants live, where do they go to school or work?
9.- What do they eat?
10.- How do they play?
11.- How do they treat their young and their old?
12.- What relationships do they have with plants and animals?, and what to they look like?
13.- What kind of technology exists?, transportation, communication, access to information
14.- Once you know your world, just set your characters free in it and see what happens
15.- How do this world you’ve created shaped the individuals who live in it? and what kind of conflict is likely to emerge.

Of course these points are not necessarily to be used in that order, or even to use them all, but i think Kate Messner gives us a great starting point for us creating our worlds for video games, movies, books or whatever the reason you are building worlds for! give it a go and experiment with this, i’m sure you won’t regret it, revive *that* story beneath all those notebooks, pages and drawings on your desk!




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