Finding your inspiration, again

Hey there Bloggies, i’ll tell you some things about me, i love movie and video game worlds, i like to picture myself in them and think about new stories to go on those universes and timelines, that is the very first reason i made this blog, this “World Alchemist” blog.

I decided i would create a habit out of blogging and drawing environments

How am i doing it?
I am using a habit tracking app, called where i keep a list of all things i want to do everyday and a few things i want to do eventually or someday in particular, while at the same time i am levelling up an awesome pixel-art character and buying things for him, this is a sort of habit gamification and a really fun way to track your progress!, i encourage you to check it out!

Why am i doing it?
Because its always a good idea to write about what you like, i mean, the internet is full of people talking about things they like, and it’s awesome!. Do what you can for what you like and maybe people will like it, so if i cause a little bit of inspiration in any of you, i’ve done well, if not yet, i’ll have to try harder than this!

So Bloggies! tell me about worlds you’ve visited: in games, in movies, in dreams or even reality!, if you have a drawing, an illustration or any sort of image i would gladly give my opinion of it!

i’ll leave here for you some motivation!



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